[Gwydion, of the Ascended Unicorns is here in this session.]


The Elemental Worlds are very different from one another and yet, equal at the same time. I cannot put one of them above the others. They’re all amazing to me.

Is there only one high note? I have heard many.

Is there only one type of beauty? I can think of hundreds.

I bet you can, too.

In no particular order, because I truly value them all: Dragons, Unicorns, Faeries, and Angels are all high frequency beings. In my experience they play different notes. They come in numerous and wondrous shades and colours. It’s only human ego that places these Elemental Beings in boxes marked “acceptable” or “not acceptable.” Do you think that matters to them? Not in the least.

The Elementals are different from each other, just as people are different from each other. My experience of the Elementals is that they set aside their differences in favor of their commonality a long, long, long, long, in fact so long ago it’s impossible to conceive in human terms.

When I say that “they set aside their differences” I don’t mean that they lost their uniqueness. We can be individuals and at the same time be One. It is a lesson we must be open to learning.

This is one of the reasons the Elementals are here right now. I’m not the only person channeling these beings, there are many of us! Although these channelings are different, there are similarities and that is what I choose to focus on. Do you see? I focus on the fact that we are all channeling these amazing, loving, high-frequency beings and that they are bringing through messages to heal and uplift. So what if one of us sees only brown-eyed Unicorns and another only sees blue? We are individuals, each with our own unique eyes, which see different things in a variety of shades and colours.

I appreciate the variety. I embrace those varieties. It makes life so much more fun and interesting and colourful.

One thing most channels agree on and I concur, is that these wondrous beings are here to help us. It so happens that the Unicorns who I’m in touch with today are here to assist us to do the same as they have done within their own and within each other’s separate realms:


We are One. Not in an oppressive way. We are One in an expansive way.

We are already One, only many of you are not conscious of our Oneness.

Those of you who are and have been for a very long time…many of you are LightWorkers, Starseeds, Mystics, and Earth Angels. You can also look to the Spiritual Masters who can be found in all religions and philosophies.  

We are One. This is a knowing I’ve received many times. I call it a knowing, because I feel the truth of it in my heart.

Of course we are all One. We have all come from, as you say: Source. Our Lights may be different in form, but never in substance. You are a Soul, just as we are. We are expressions of Love, and so are you, even if you don’t always feel that way.

You must reach for that higher part of you:

The One who listens, rather than shouts.

The One who opens their heart, rather than closing their eyes.

The One who feels compassion for all beings and creatures, rather than fear and anger.

The One who offers forgiveness, rather than wielding judgment and blame to thwart and coerce.

Be the Listener with the Open Heart who has unconditional Compassion and Forgiveness for all.  

[End session.]

Thank you for tuning in. Namaste 💕🙏💕


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Unlimited Potential: Choose Your Crystal Reading ~ August 18 2019

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Unlimited Potential Reading2

A choose your crystal reading! I thought bringing in some beautiful treasures of Gaia would make the process more fun and personal. Prior to recording, with the assistance of Metatron, Merlin, the Unicorns, and Mary Magdalene, I selected three crystals and pulled cards for each one. During each reading on the video, I pull additional clarifier cards.

The theme set is from the Unicorn card, “Possibility.”

Possibility You have unlimited potential 081819 2

This reading isn’t timed or date sensitive and therefore it doesn’t matter when you might come across this video. The information stands.

The cards I utilized are the Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D., Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Lily Moses, the Oracle of the Unicorns by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs, and The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha.

Below are links so you can skip to your reading:

*Clear Quartz Cluster ~ 03:33

**Rainbow Fluorite ~30:03

***Septarian ~ 57:13

Final Notes:
I thought you might enjoy a bit of information on the crystal you were drawn to:

*Clear Quartz is an amplifier and recorder crystal. Quartz is a “feel good” stone. If will bring in higher energy and feelings of happiness. Keywords & Phrases: Aids focus, brings clarity, aids meditation, and releases negativity. Clear Quartz corresponds to all the chakras.

**Rainbow Fluorite is good for study and learning, as it aids your ability to focus. It is also a protector and maintainer of health and vitality. Keywords & Phrases: Excellent for meditation, putting you in touch with your healing gifts, and channeling higher beings of light, archangel and pyramid work. Rainbow Fluorite corresponds to all the chakras.

***Septarian builds awareness of the environment. It is also an excellent stone to bring with you if you have to do public speaking, sound therapy, or NLP. This is a grounding stone. Good to aid physical and emotional flexibility. Keywords & Phrases: Imbues patience, endurance, and stamina, and aids your ability to solidify your dreams, bringing them into manifestation. Septarian corresponds to the Root Chakra.

I mention in the video that I post photos of the cards on my blog, which you can find here https://difundelaluz.wordpress.com/ .

In the background, I’m playing Meditative Mind’s “Magical Forest Valley 741Hz Remove Toxins” and you can find it here https://youtu.be/X0uRYvlOWuc.

Thank you so much for tuning in! Namaste 💕🙏💕

Choice 1 Clear Quartz Cluster 081819

Choice 2 Rainbow Fluorite 081819

Choice 3 Septarian 081819


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What’s Happening After the 8/8 Portal? Reading with Mother Mary & Kali-Ma ~ August 10, 2019

Saturday, August 10, 2019

On this video, we work with Mother Mary and Kali-Ma who bring in for us mother energy. Although quite different mother energy, who’s complaining? We all can benefit from the unconditional love and Divine Feminine energy and Light that they can bring to us.  We’re stretching right now and some growing pains may ensue. We can turn to Mother Mary and Kali-Ma to assist and guide us through our expansion period after the Lion’s Gate Portal. We need to continue Grounding, as we accommodate the new Light, downloads, and energies coming in to help us continue to let go of that which no longer serves us and move more fully into our power.

Your Light is needed, Spirit Friends.

The cards I utilized are the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Lily Moses, the Oracle of the Unicorns by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs, the Nature card illustrated by Carol Cavalaris, and The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha.

Final Notes:

⭐️ The Unicorn card “Nature” is difficult to see on the video. I’ve taken a photo of it and posted it to my blog here https://difundelaluz.wordpress.com/.

⭐️ The importance of Grounding came up in the reading and I mentioned that I recently did a video on Grounding, which you can find here https://youtu.be/1mjPJHNNcBg.

Thank you so much for tuning in. Namaste 💕🙏💕

Whats Happening After the 8 8 Portal

Nature Unicorn Card Saturday August 10 2019


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Lion’s Gate Portal Reading: 8/8/19 Energies ~ August 4, 2019

Sunday, August 4, 2019

On this video, along with the assistance of Mary Magdalene, Freya, Serapis Bey, and Mother Mary, I’ve done a reading on what energies the Lion’s Gate Portal will bring into our lives. The portal is being felt now, peaking on the 8th and leaving us around the 12th.

Key phrases that have come in from my guides are:

⭐️ Send love, Light, and forgiveness to everyone.

⭐️ Only the Light is real.

⭐️ Take what resonates and leave the rest.

The cards I utilized are the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Lily Moses, and The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha.

In the background, I’m playing Meditative Mind’s “3 hrs Extremely Powerful Solar Plexus Chakra Healing,” which you can find here https://youtu.be/9TqfHtle74A.

Thank you for tuning in. Namaste 💕🙏💕


Lions Gate Portal Reading 080419

Two of Crystals


Notes from Gwydion, of the Ascended Unicorns

Unicorn Gwydion

I’m Gwydion of the Ascended Unicorns, granted wings that I may travel from our dimension to yours.

And you’re here with a message for us?

Yes. You are doing what you need to be doing right now. You are a LightWorker, sending Light and attaining and maintaining the Higher Perspective. From what I see you are all doing this, doing your best, which is all any being can ask of another. Often, I see many of you sad and struggling. I am here to remind you.

Remind us?

You must see the magic that surrounds you. All of you!

Magic can be difficult to see at times.

It’s the easiest of things to be seen! It’s all around you. Magic is anything that makes you believe in goodness again. Are you telling me that you do not see goodness?

Sometimes, some days, it is very hard to see that goodness.

Gwydion didn’t seem impressed. She snorted. Well, it was actually more of a snort, a “tsk,” and a “harrumph” at once. This could be a Unicorn specialty, as Gwydion expressed this uniquely Unicorn sound throughout our conversation.

It may be that your eyes or heart are closed temporarily whilst your feelings are hurting. When you are so serious, you need to make an effort to see the magic…see the goodness. And you all really must play more!  Be like children – they don’t care what they have or don’t have – they always think of something fun!

I could see children playing over the world, in the poorest of neighborhoods and even war torn nations. I remembered (that as a child) how easily I slipped into play. Children are magic, because they are the definition of goodness.

Gwydion nudged me gently and with my Third Eye I saw how like the Dragons and Faeries, Unicorns were forced from humans because of this 3D matrix. I watched as they opened portals and created their own worlds, some of them returning to worlds already in existence. Their frequencies, as the Angels, are much too high to remain in the density that we continually swim (and sometimes sink) in. And this is why there are times when we may have asked for help, pleaded, but were so deeply entrenched in the miasma of the matrix that we could not see that they are right there, with us. They’ve been with us through everything. They know us. Surprisingly, they love us anyway. Hah! Actually, they love us so much that it can feel overwhelming, particularly if you are unaccustomed receiving unconditional love.

We created the portals to live in peace for a time while the Great Experiment germinated. It’s now time for Magic to be reintroduced. We are a glimmer of your future and what it can hold. Here’s a riddle, and don’t tell me you didn’t expect one from us: You must believe in it to be so. And you already do, whether you remember it or not.

We must believe and we already do believe in a beautiful future here on Gaia.

Gwydion nodded, which looked quite regal to me.

And we need to believe in magic again?

We are so pleased you said, “again.” You never forgot, did you?

A part of me never stopped believing in the world that was so incredibly real to me as a child. But-

No, you didn’t. You must understand, we admire you for it. You’re not alone. Sweet Beings of Light, children who have never forgotten magic, there are many of you. And you will once again meet with each other: Those who believe and those who make it their life’s work. We admire you, because we know that belief became a burden bear for many of you. We’re so happy to let you know that it can now once again bring you joy. Believing in magic is actually logical and practical, if you look at in a special way.

Magic is needing to have her say once more. Magic is Love. Love and fear cannot live in the same space. We know you already understand this, but it is valuable to remember.

Be guided by your enthusiasm and when you see that genuine passion in someone else’s eyes. Children play and create together, because they know that can be the most fun of all!

Reclaim your sense of wonder. Gaia is a place of wonder and miracles. Magic is in the air, if your nose isn’t up your backside!

Words to live by, indeed. Thank you, Gwydion and Unicorns for bringing us your beautiful Light.

End session.

Thank you for tuning in. Namaste 💕🙏💕


©2019 Rachel Wynter-Murdoch

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Choose Your Card Reading 1, 2, or 3 Oracle of the Unicorns ~ July 28, 2019

Choose a Card Reading with the Unicorns July 28 2019



Energetic Protection with Mary Magdalene, Deep Blue Dragons, & Archangel Michael

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Guided by a Deep Blue Dragon, Mary Magdalene, and Archangel Michael, this is a (*brief) video on energetic protection techniques.

What methods or techniques of energetic protection have you utilized? I would love to hear about them! If you have a moment, please let me know in the comments. Your comment will be appreciated by me and may help another seeker who stops by.

The Deep Blue Dragon card came from the Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper, art by Carla Lee Morrow. The Mary Magdalene card came from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Lily Moses.

In the background I’m playing Root Chakra Soundbath by Meditative Mind.

Namaste and thank you for watching 💕🙏💕

*The topic of energetic protection is huuuge. After I completed the video, I instantly thought of a half dozen techniques that I have utilized through the years that I didn’t mention in this video. “That’s all right,” says the Magdalene. “Everything said is what is needed right now.” I’m sure that if more is needed she will let me know!

Energetic Protection July 27 2019