Co-Creator Or Not?


I woke up with a question being asked of me,

“Are you a co-creator or not?”

Look, either we create our reality or we don’t. My husband and I[1] are making a move to a mystical, magical, lush, and sometimes scary place called Galicia in Spain. In anticipation of The Adventure of the Grand Move, we’re cleaning up and getting rid of stuff. It’s always a balance though, right? If I get rid of this particular thing, will I end up needing it later on down the road? And then maybe I won’t have the money to buy a new this particular thing! Or worse yet, what if they don’t make this particular thing anymore?? Eee-fucking-gads.

What is this person talking about?? In this particular (hah) case, will I need the blasted suits? I have a bunch of suits, businessy suits. Black and brown jackets, with blouses and pants to match. Gaaak. I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit. By the way, these suits that I’m waxing on (not really) about? Putting one on always, always, always without fail, felt like I was putting on a costume. And that was okay by me. I love costumes! Amateur theatre and masked balls and masquerade soirées and whodunit mystery dinners and even a good ‘Vicar and Tarts’ fancy dress party! Sure, why not? Oh boy! Except of course, my suits are entirely unsuitable (hah!) for any of the above merry makings.

These suits were something I put on to appear the part that “they” wanted me to play. And not only me, but every one of us. And who’s “they?” Long, boring stories are possessed by every one of the members of the “they,” so we won’t be talking about the “they” or the “them” for that matter. Ah, “all the world’s a stage” and we are merely but players? Really, Shakespeare? Really? And yeah okay, Shakespeare was pretty cool and yes-yes, of course his works live on today. But you do realize that he lived many hundreds of years ago, right? We don’t have to be merely “players.” And in fact, we are not. We only think we are. Whoooooosh! Did I just do a drive-by?

Are you a people-type-person who believes in the Universe? And if so, is this the Universe that lives and breathes and sings and dances and spins around and through us and with us at all times? If your answer is yes, then are you are also a people-type-person who believes in our ability to connect with this Universe and that we can actually co-create with this Universe? If your answer is yes, then how much of a stretch is it to expect ourselves to acknowledge that we are co-creators all of the time? Every moment, of every day, of every week, of every year, of every decade, and of every lifetime.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute then that means that my entire life has been my co-creation with the Universe, whether I realized I was doing this or not. Sigh. Big, fat, sigh, man. So, are you telling me that everything, even the shitty and really shitty parts of my life are my fault??

First, let’s not panic and use the word ‘fault.’ Fault implies wrong-doing. And who’s to say? Even the shitty parts of our lives often have value. Yeah, and I’m very aware that it can be an utter and complete crapo-nonsense-completely-on-par-with-wild-goose-chase-scapades searching through some of those shittier parts of life hoping to find treasure of some sort[2].

Not easy to take credit for all our life and the world, is it? And yes of course, there are powerful people in this world, powerful and truly evil people. But “those people” only exist because we have many outmoded and deep rooted “beliefs” that “those people” must exist and that ‘there ain’t nothing little ol’ me can do about it.’ We’re brainwashed from birth. We’re conditioned by the “educational system,” and fed propaganda by the news, tv, movies, social media, (yes, even these old things) newspapers, and (those old things) magazines. But perhaps the best propaganda tool is you and me. Most especially, you and me. The system has trained us to assess, to judge, and to report on each other. Some have even chosen to be punishers. Some of us have actually taken it upon themselves that they need to punish those who do not conform. We might take the role (and wear the costume) of “punisher” in our personal or professional life. And we have choices here, too. We can choose to punish through criticism, pursuit of legal recourse, or plain old emotional, mental, and physical bullying and violence. We may even join up with like-minded others and become marauders, thinking ourselves to be heroes in our imaginary world by pursuing legal or violent means to force the bending others to our will and to our way of thinking and believing. And then if none of that works, there’s always murder: Murder on a small scale or murder on a big scale (i.e. war).

Been there and done that, my friends. That’s what this world has been up until now. And it’s flipping boring. I’m bored with it, anyway. It’s time for something different. Now is the time for a Leap in Consciousness and the Ascension of the Collective into a Higher Frequency of living. Don’t you feel that in your gut? Isn’t it what you really want more than anything? To live in a world where there is enough for everyone and we all share. And we love and care for one another not just because “it’s the good or right thing” to do because a book or a law told us we had to. We do it because we know that to be good to ourselves and others is the same thing. We are One. One with the Universe. One with Source.

Either we’re powerful co-creators with the Universe or we’re not.

I believe that,

We are Sovereign Beings of Light.

We are Abundant.

We are Infinite.

We are Free.

And we are Divine.


We are Masters of Manifestation.

Forces of Light and Love exist within us

And we are in the Flow of the Divine Creator.

We are One with the Earth.

We are One with the Universe.

We are One with the Divine.

Because we are all One.

So…am I able to believe 100% of the time that I am a Co-Creator with the Universe, a Master of Manifestation? Nope. It’s what I aim for, though. I strive to believe 100% of the time. And I’m mostly pretty close.

I believe in my heart that I am a Sovereign Being of Light. I am a Sovereign Being of Light who has chosen, along with billions of other Beings, to have this experience of a finite, 3D world. And that this 3D world has conditioned the human being into believing in scarcity and opposites. We believe in these things so deeply that much of the constructs we’re bombarded by each and every day, we aren’t even aware it’s happening. We accept these beliefs in poverty and war and that there are the privileged and the destitute. We accept the story that there is not enough in this world for all of us. But this is only a game that we’ve played for a very long time.

Game over.

Yep. The game is over. There is more Light on the planet than ever before. And this why the evil-men-and-women-do seems bigger, flashier, more diabolical, and therefore more frightening than ever before and once you realize this, then things are not too scary. This is why you are here. This is the mission you signed up for, my friends. In the words of Michael Jackson,

We’re on a mission

In the everlasting light that shines

A revelation

Of the truth in chapters of our minds

So long, bad times

We’re gonna shake it up and break it up

We’re sharing light brighter than the sun

Hello, good times

We’re here to simulate, eliminate

An’ congregate, illuminate

We are here to change the world.

What say you, my friend? Will you take your place in the Hall of Heroes?

Im here to change the world and im not alone

Me? The life I want to live doesn’t include me putting on a costume to be someone I’m not. I want my life to be real, as I am real in it.

Okay, gotta go. I need to go throw out a bunch of suits.



©2018 Rachel Wynter-Murdoch

Feel free to repost; however, please maintain the entirety and integrity of this post by keeping it exactly as found here. Thank you!


[1] And possibly a few other family members. Our lives are happily complicated.

[2]So don’t search right now. You’re way too sensitive at the moment. Obviously. I can tell by how frustrated you got reading that sentence, “Even the shitty parts of your life often have value.”Just take a pass, my friend. Believe for a moment that there may be some treasure to be found, but don’t worry. You don’t have to go looking for it. One day, if there was indeed value, it will magically (it will feel like magic) appear to you or smack you upside the head. Depends on your style. But for right now, take that pass and move on. ‘Cos that’s the really stick-in-the-craw moment, isn’t it? Realizing you need to let it go and move on. We often don’t do any of these things: We don’t seek out the treasure, we don’t even look for nuggets of wisdom, nor do we let it go, nor do we move on! Although we quite often pretend to move on, but it’s not the same and you know it. To be fair, we really do have to let it go before we can even think about moving on. Again, this is not something we’re really keen on. Who wants to assess and see ourselves looking like an asshole of one form or another? We don’t. However, we can. It’s possible. We only need to be brave: Set aside your ego, your emotions, and assess. Here’s the really icky part, then you must forgive anyone involved. Hah! You think that’s bad? Get a load of the last step! Now you must forgive yourself. Yeah, you know, Mr. or Ms. Omnipotent. You made a mistake. Perhaps several. Maybe even a whole avalanche of mistakes. Forgive everyone involved, including yourself (because you were definitely involved), and move on.



The Rays of Abundance – Archangel Metatron


[I received the following message from Archangel Metatron.  I believe this channel was activated after I listened to Natalie Glasson’s “The New Initiation of Abundance,” which you can find at the Sacred School of Omna’s site here It occurred to me that money is the excuse we feed ourselves. Money is the excuse we use to not have something that we want.]

Money is not the goal. Abundance is the goal and you ARE abundance.

Money is one of the constructs in 3D that was designed to trick you into believing in “lack.”

[This resonated. Money is an “excuse” we give ourselves, with the full support of this 3D world, to keep ourselves from flying. If you didn’t have to “worry” about money, what would you do? What could you be, do, and have? No boundaries. No limits. Without worry about money or anything else, we can be unstoppable.]

Of course the 3D construct of money is not real. Abundance is real. Abundance is your natural state. Sometimes, or “quite often” as this conduit has experienced, your natural state of abundance gets turned on “its ear.” Meaning that you are genuinely abundant, just not in the experiences you so desperately seek and instead experience an abundance of woes, losses, and fears.

The energies of abundance are like surfing voluminous ribbons of Red, Golden, and Pink Rays of Light. Light that moves at the speed of their nature. The slightest “touch” on your part will send these Rays rippling into action, drawing in whatever you “ask” for. These Rays, the Light desires only to support you.

By “touch” we speak of the energy of your words, thoughts, and most of all buried deeply or right on the surface your emotions.

You set into motion the Rays of Abundance. You send them out into the world to bring back to you whatever it is that you request. Is your life filled with seeming “problems”? Strife, struggle, hardships? You set the course for the Rays. Mostly, this is completely done unconsciously. You don’t say, “Oh, I would really like some difficulties right now.” Of course not! Instead, this may be the way you feel and this feeling is based on a false belief. It is for you to discover! You can ask for help. We are here to help and we are “itching” to do so.

Acknowledge, understand, and know your own emotions. Let go of all that does not serve you, what you aspire to, and your divine mission.

Set your course for positive abundance of all types: Love, wonderful opportunities, good health, financial prosperity. What does your heart yearn for? To do the work you love and make your living from it? A home? Travel? If you wish to do the work you love for your living, what does that work look like? Where do you do it? Who are your clients? What does your workspace look like?

Spend time in your workspace right now. Visualize it and know that it is yours already. Can you feel your gratitude and excitement? As this conduit is fond of saying, can you feel your happiness “deep in your belly?”

[At this point, I pulled away for a moment, feeling a sinking sensation. I thought ‘oh, and the powers-that-be who rule this world will try to stop us.’]

Don’t spend your energies worrying over the darkness in the world, dear Light Warriors. Fearsome appearances aside, the darkness cannot stop you. Only you can stop you, caused by feelings of unworthiness, shame, worry, past traumas, holding on to hurts and betrayals. Do not get lost in these emotions. Feel them, yes. Then you must let them go. Let them go; otherwise, these emotions become destination “stops” for the Rays of Abundance.

[How is it that any of this makes sense?]

We can say that your “reality” seems to be the most important thing in your life. “Reality” being this 3D belief in scarcity and lack, this thinking that there is a “limit” on happiness, joy, peace, love, and prosperity.

There are no such limits.

If you truly rest your mind on it, nothing is more real, more basic than your breath. Your breathing is the most important, most real thing in your life. And this is the breathing that you think nothing about! This breathing is automatic for you. Now think on this, conscious, thoughtful breathing will open doors that that have been hidden from you or that you’ve been hiding from, dear Light Warriors.


Rays of Abundance Meditation

This meditation is meant to remind and align your [*]Chakras with the frequency of abundance. You already know this frequency, as it is your natural state. However, the heaviness and dichotomy of the 3D world drain you, effectively lowering your frequency and interfering with your natural state.

Place both of your feet flat on the ground. If you wish, close your eyes.

Slowly take in a deep breath and then slowly exhale. Continue breathing, keeping your breath steady, slow, and deep.

See a beautiful, sparkling White Light coming from above down through your Stellar Gateway, filling the Soul Star, entering your Crown Chakra, down through all of your Chakras and then out through your Earth Star Chakras, grounding the White Light into the Earth and into the Heart of Gaia.

Now you can see ribbons Light in deep Red, Golden, and Pink dancing above you and then these rays of Light spiral down into your Stellar Gateway, filling your Soul Star, and then too pool at your Crown Chakra. Take a deep breath and as you do draw the Rays of Abundance into your Heart Chakra, where you will hold these beautiful Rays, allowing them to fill your Heart. See how at home they are here. You may now feel these brilliant Rays opening Doors to Your Dreams.

Your dreams are born in your heart. It’s time to release them.

As the Rays open these doors within your Heart Chakra, take a moment to honor these exquisite spaces. What do you see? Are you surprised at the dreams you’ve been hiding? Can you feel how they wish to be set free? Your dreams wish to be made manifest in your life.

Take some time here. Allow yourself to explore this dream, or perhaps several or many dreams you’ve been holding so closely to your heart.

When you feel ready, state your dream, if there is more than one, choose the one that feels most right to you. State your dream and allow the Red, Golden, and Pink Light Rays join together to form a beam that bursts forth from your heart and then out into the world.

You’re setting the Rays of Abundance free to draw your dream into your world.

Now give yourself this suggestion: You will know you are getting nearer to making your dream manifest, because you will see the signs. Your signs are sparked by your passion, your wisdom and within the spirit of acknowledging your Highest Good, and of course love, which is the essence of Source.

Open your eyes and ground your Light into the earth.


Breathing Attunement

You may need to realign yourself to the Rays of Abundance. This is easily accomplished by the following Conscious Breathing exercise, which can act as an energy tune-up.

Inhale the Red, Golden and Pink Rays of Abundance through your Heart Chakra.

Slowly, deeply, lovingly inhale their Peace and Promise.

Slowly, lovingly exhale in Gratitude and Joy.

Upon your exhale, the Rays activate to do your bidding. What shall you request?

[End message.]


[*] For an in-depth explanation of the Chakra system, including the Higher Chakras: the Stellar Gateway and Soul Star Chakras, I recommend the following guide as a useful source: Gostica, “The Higher Chakras & Their Functions, The 12 Chakra System”


©2018 Rachel Wynter-Murdoch

Feel free to repost; however, please maintain the entirety and integrity of this post by keeping it exactly as found here. Thank you!

Lyran Council, et al.

[I felt the presence of the following beings: Archangel Metatron (who facilitated all in attendance) The Lyran Council, Archangel Michael, the Angelic Realm, the Ascended Galactics, and the Ascended Dragons. The Lyran Council began the session in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, May 18th. Also noteworthy, in a few hours will be the Full Moon in Scorpio.]


Greetings. We are here for Gaia, in response to her call for assistance.

We are also here for humanity and you. You are the Galactics’ precious Starseeds, Indigos, Wayshowers, and Rainbow Tribes.

You are all courageous, as you volunteered for this project. Project Ascension, stationed on Gaia, one of the most beautiful, most special places in all the Universes.

You, who are now reading these words (as is the one who transcribes them), have already done so much for Gaia and the Collective, as well.

You are Lightworkers, yes. And you are also so much more. Each of you possesses your own individual talents, skills, abilities, and sacred, unique paths. It is truly astonishing, from our perspective.

Many of you will be experiencing an upgrade to Light Anchor. Some of you are already experiencing this new frequency; some of you have been Light Anchors for many years. You are to be commended for your sacred service. Being a Light Anchor is not much different than what you do now; however, it requires being a steady conduit. Stretching yourself, you are reaching out and pulling in the tremendously high frequency Diamond Light, drawing the Light through your chakras, cleansing and energizing and awakening portals within, continuing to draw the Light downwards and out through your Earth Star Chakras, effectively grounding this Light deep within Gaia. Straight into the beautiful Pink and Golden core of Gaia, and as the scribe of these words calls it, “Gaia’s Heart.”

Gaia’s beautiful, giving Crystalline Heart is beating once more with joyous excitement, certain in the knowledge that She is feeling lighter. This is down to you, our precious Starseeds. Gaia feels lighter, knowing how hard you are working, even when you feel disheartened, alone, and weary. Your bodies, just as Gaia, are going through much. The upgrades and Light and powerful energies can leave you feeling exhilarated, but also tired, achy, nauseous, dizzy. Don’t you see, precious Ones? You are helping Gaia carry the tremendous load She bears. She is no longer alone and you too now must realize and accept that you are not alone, dear Light Warriors.

[At this point in the session, I grew distracted; a question occurred to me, so I asked.]

Are the Lyrans connected to Ancient Egypt?

Yes. That is a long story, however and your body is so tired.

[They weren’t kidding! I was literally passing out with exhaustion. I had a deep feeling of heaviness, barely able to move my pen across the page, at times closing my eyes and allowing my hand to write off the page. “Get those raw almonds from your cupboard and drink some water,” I was told. And I was so tired, I listened for a change! Good thing I did, as I felt remarkably improved after a handful of almonds and large glass of amethyst crystal energized water. The Lyran Council was able to continue.]

We tell you this to show you that we are with you. You are so loved. Open up to that Love. Allow yourselves to feel not only our presence, our love for you, but also the love of the Galactic Beings whose ships have encircled Gaia since your year 2012.

[At this point, Metatron and the Angelic Realm began to transmit.]

A dense fog of fear had encased your world in a pervasive darkness, effectively cutting you off from the love available to you all from the Forces of Light.

[The “Forces of Light” includes the Galactics, the Angelic and Faerie Realms, the Ascended Dragons, the Unicorns, the Ascended Masters, and so many Beings of Light.]

Only a few of you were able to feel the tiniest amount of Light within and without you. We are bound to the Universal Agreement of Non-Interference. Except in certain emergency instances, we cannot intervene on your behalf unless you ask us. Until asked, we can assist in small ways: We whisper encouragement, we assist you with inspiration, we leave you signs that we are here. Once you reach out, ask and thereby give us permission, we can help you in a myriad of ways.

You, who first experienced your Light in a sea of darkness, are the reason that we are speaking through this scribe, who is also a channel or “conduit,” as she prefers to recognize herself, right now. Your wiliness to never entirely give up – oh yes, you’ve certainly come close more than a few times! Your lives have not entirely been as you say, “a walk in the park.” And some of you have been so inundated with darkness that you didn’t even know “a park” existed to even allow yourselves to dream of that ease and serenity. Yes, it has been very difficult for many of you. Yet, you never did give up. You are here, aren’t you? Either reading or listening to these words, you are here.

You are here, and for that alone we wish to express our unending gratitude.

Ah, but you are so much more than simply being “here,” dear Lightworkers, dearest Starseeds.

Some of you, even now are merely “scratching the surface” of who you actually are. You have Worlds within you, beautiful Hearts. Worlds. Portals to worlds, to be specific.

Your Heart Chakra is filled with chambers. So much to discover and explore! And for many of you, it is a process of re-discovering and claiming your sovereignty. Some of you are remembering that you have been here before, perhaps on another planet in another time, another dimension. This isn’t your first “spin around the block,” as this Conduit might say.

Your Earth age doesn’t matter, though it appears to be a vital matter in your world. This time in the Universe is what matters. It’s Ascension for all, for We are One.

There is much at stake, and often you may feel overwhelmed. Remember that we have “your back.”Call on us, any of us. Whomever you feel most comfortable with. This conduit is becoming more and more comfortable any of us, Galactic and Elemental.

[Before I keeled over, I drank some more energized water and was so happy I did, as Gaia then came through.]

Those of you yearning to do for me, help, assist, and who love me, I send my deep Blessings to you. Your Earth bodies mean that you are my children, but like me, we are so much more than we appear. You have much still to uncover about not only me, but also yourselves. You are valued beyond measure. I love you.

[And with that, I passed out in blissful sleep.]


©2018 Rachel Wynter-Murdoch

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Golden Torus

I learned a new Light technique called the Golden Torus. If you’re not familiar, a Torus looks something like this:


I tried to locate an image or gif that would capture what I saw and felt. I found this gorgeous image:

Torus Meg Benedicte

However, what I experienced was strictly the Golden Ray and it wasn’t static. The Light swirled, continually moving. Just today I found this gif through the Giphy site:

Torus gif

Now that I’ve finally found the appropriate image, this is my explanation:

A Torus is a donut shape (sounds good already, eh?) and it rotates inwardly. One day (yesterday) I was spacing out (sounds like more fun than meditating) and I just saw it: Millions of tiny golden threads of Light rotating around and through me. Just imagine yourself sitting within the center of a donut (like you’re a donut hole) made out of Golden Light threads moving gently, slowly within your center and out again and round it goes again.

I felt perfectly at ease. I felt peace. I felt an understanding of the Universe at work.

As I continued visualizing these beautiful Golden Light threads moving through and around me, I felt the Torus grow until it filled my room and then things got really wild.

The Golden Light Torus filled our entire apartment, then the building, then the block. It grew and grew until I could see it encompass the Earth rotating with that same delicate rhythm.

Gaia is perfectly at ease. Gaia is peace. Gaia and the Universe work together.

And now we’re working with them, too.

Namaste, my friends.


©2018 Rachel Wynter-Murdoch

Feel free to repost; however, please maintain the entirety and integrity of this post by keeping it exactly as found here. Thank you!


Violet Flame Invocation

Invocation from “What is the Violet Flame and how to use it” via What is the Violet Flame and How to Use It?


Through my I AM Presence, I now invoke the Violet Flame.

I ask it to flow now through my crown chakra into my heart and into every cell of my mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and physical body.

I ask it to transmute into the Light every thought, deed, word, or act that I have ever made or done in this lifetime and past lifetimes with respect to ________________.


Original Post from Healing and Love…

The violet flame is a gift of light to all us from Mother / Father God. The keeper of the violet flame is Saint Germain, who is an ascended master. The violet flame is very powerful and transmutes all negativity and transgressions that you may have in this lifetime or past lifetimes.

Whatever you may have manifested in the past through your words, thoughts, deeds, or acts can now be transmuted and released into the light. Everyone needs to do this individually and collectively as you cannot take these things with you as we move up in consciousness through ascension.

Imagine, everything that you have done, said or thought that was a transgression can be now transmuted into the light and basically permanently released.  What a way to release and cleanse and heal yourself.  Saint Germain is bringing the violet flame into the conscious minds of humanity. It is there for you to use and transmute all of your transgressions.  So please use it when you need it.  We all need it at these times.

This is such a helpful tool to help you self-heal yourself.  The violet flame contains forgiveness, compassion and mercy and will transmute all of your transgressions. But you need to ask for its help from your heart with the purest intentions. By asking for the violet flame, it will transmute all the negativity that you may have that is now being pushed to the surface by the increasing energies to be released.  It must be released for your ascension and the collective ascension.

This has to be done individually and collectively now as you cannot take this negativity into the higher dimensions. Again, this is why you are seeing so much pain, suffering, anger, frustration, wars, guilt, shame, and all the things that are about separation, criticism, and judgment.  Just turn on the TV and count all the stories that are negative.

These are all 3rd dimensional ego based emotions that are not heart based and must be released and transmuted.  The violet flame will do this for you and for humanity.

All of this needs to be transmuted into the light before we can collectively ascend. The violet flame is helping transmute all of this. The violet flame is available to every person and you invoke it through your I AM Presence.  Each of you has an I am Presence, your soul.

This is who you are, your God spark.  You must ask before you can receive. Once you invoke it, the violet flame will do whatever you invoke it to do. It will help you with relationships, money issues, pain, suffering, hurt feelings, anything.

All of this can be transmuted into the light and released. This is how powerful the violet flame is and it is there for you to take advantage of. The violet flame can transform anything that you want to heal, anything that you want better in your life. It is that powerful and it is now available to you. Please take advantage of it and invoke it in your life.

With all the healings that I do, I always wrap all the people I heal in the violet flame and ask it to transmute everything into the light. It does work. The violet flame will help you in your life. It will help heal you by releasing the pain and suffering that you may be holding on to.  It will help you to forgive and allow you to move forward in your life. To invoke the violet flame say the following:

Thorough my I AM Presence, I now invoke the violet flame. I ask it to flow now through my crown chakra into my heart and into every cell of my mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and physical body. I ask it now to transmute into the light every thought, deed, word, or act that I have ever made or done in this lifetime and past lifetimes with respect to_______________.

In the underlined area, just state what the situation refers to. Maybe you had a fight with your spouse, then state it there. Maybe you have been hurt by someone and can’t forgive them, then state this.  It does not matter what it is!  There are no sins, just karma.  It is the intention that matters.  Whatever situation that is bothering you or hindering you in any way, including poverty consciousness, just state it in the invocation.  And once you do this, have faith and trust that it is working, because it is.

Do not have any expectations about the outcome and do not worry about it, just like you do not worry that the sun will come out tomorrow.  Mother / Father God has given to us this gift of the violet flame which will allow you to literally in an instant transmute all of your transgressions from this lifetime and all past lifetimes by invoking the violet flame by your heart warm intention. Give it a try to let it work for you.

See how much better and lighter and happier you will be. Since I started using the violet flame, I have never been happier as I am now in my entire life. It does work. Take it from me.  Invoke it and cleanse and purify and transmute your troubled transgressions into the light.

Once you do this, your light will shine brighter and you will allow others to see your beautiful shining Light.  Remember that YOU are loved, YOU are powerful and YOU are the LIGHT!!!  And nobody and nothing can turn off YOUR light!  So shine on my friends…


I need your help.  Please click HERE to view the post on the love bomb meditation.    This is important and does help tremendously.  If you are interested in helping, please send me a comment (just scroll down and you will see comments) anywhere on this page or any other page on my website.  I need your first name, your last name initial and the state or country you are from and I will add you to the growing list. 

This is a list of people who have given me their permission to include them in my meditation to send love to Mother Earth.  There is strength in numbers and the meditation is so much more intensified when others give their love and intention to send love. 

No meditation on your part is required (unless you want to ).   The people who are participating in this love bomb meditation can be found by clicking HERE.  Help me grow this list, won’t you?

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Sending Light to Gaia

sky earth galaxy universe
Photo by Pixabay on

It is in our highest good to be knowledgeable and dedicated to, if not growing your own food and basic herbal medicines, to join a coop, start a coop, buy produce from your local small farmer, start an urban garden. It can be done.

And this is the future: small agriculture, community food banks and gardens, coops,  local food. Global food isn’t working and the price, in more ways than money, is much too high.

This isn’t only beneficial to each of us personally (knowing what you’re eating, teaching your children a lifelong skill, saving money, etc.), this is also in Gaia’s best interest, as well.

Growing your own veggies is Lightwork. Yes. It is.

Anyone who respects the planet and puts love and care into the earth is sending Light to Gaia.

You don’t have to be a Lightworker to do Lightwork.

When we send Light to Gaia, everyone benefits.

Does that resonant for you?


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A simple shell is not simple at all…

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
~ Rumi

From across the waves, my Sister sent me this shell.

A Simple Shell Vintage
A simple shell is not simple at all…

I light a candle on most Saturday mornings starting off my weekend with a note of mindfulness. I believe that mindfulness is key to being centered. How can you be centered if you are unaware of your environment? Or your breathing?

The sunlight filters across my dresser, lighting up the bits of crystals strewn hither and yon, and bouncing off the stones and shells I love so much.

It’s always interesting to see what calls my attention and this morning it was one of the shells my Sister sent to me. It is a beautiful and solid shell. It feels smooth and bumpy. It has weathered storms and remains: Unfaltering, solid, real.

This shell is one that many people might pass right by without noticing[1] it. But not my Sister. She spotted it. I want to know the story of how she came upon it. I know the place, as she’s told me the name of the beach. Is there a story? I bet there is.

This morning the sun bounced off of this shell and I had to hold it in my hand. That’s when I saw the heart. How had I missed it previously? Ah well, I see it now.

It’s Magick, isn’t it? To discover a world in a shell? A simple shell isn’t simple at all. We assign meaning. And for me the meaning is potent. It is connection. I am connected to another part of the world through a shell. Not simple at all, right? Yet, if I look deeper, boiling it down to its essence, it is actually all about love: the love of friends, the love of a place, the love that Mother Earth has as She creates beauty and sustenance with her breath and tears and heart, and the love between sisters. After these myriad meanderings, the shell held the answer all along. What could be simpler than that?

A simple shell is not simple at all…and then it is.

[1] In my world (the one in my head that I’m always striving for) to walk past such a stunning piece of nature without seeing its perfect beauty should be a fineable offense.